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Our vision is to be partners with our clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region by providing services with high efficiency and integrity . these services include external audit, financial advisory and any other professional services required by our clients by providing these services in an effective manner, with high quality and accuracy beyond clients’ expectations.


Our mission is to provide external and internal auditing services, consultation and financial solutions to follow the highest professional and ethical standards in a professional manner by a working group which is characterized by trust, integrity and presence at any time requested by the client.

Our Goals

Identify and analyze strength and weaknesses and the opportunities for potential risks. In addition, we provide the financial management of the company with our observations on any matters requiring performance improvement. To help our clients achieve their goals and overcome any difficulties they may face. Maintaining a high efficiency, accuracy and integrity of our team through training course and workshops.

Why us ?

Through Saad Almotrib Co. focus, expertise and commitment to our client, we have successfully serviced firms of all sizes.


SAM.Co. started out in providing specialized consulting services in 2018 in the fields of Management Consulting and Financial Advisory. Since then, the services provided by SAM.Co. have developed forward to meet our client increasing demands. For this reason, our services are diverse, yet interrelated and composed around our own proprietary experience and track record. The firm’s strategy still focused, as it is set by the founders. The client is still the main prospective. In a nutshell, we are a firm that is keen on providing quality service and adding value to our clients, which we consider our long term partners.

Our drive is the client’s success and breakthrough. In each project or task that SAM.Co. has, we seek our own evolution and the client’s experience enrichment. We have a long term prospective for all our stakeholders and our operations cover the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so far. Our team, is our pride, because of the seasoning, exposure, diversity, and dedication that it has.

What we do


External Audit

Provide audit services to clients in accordance with the standards issued by the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants ( SOCPA ) and according to international financial Reporting Standards as required by the client. Implementation of the external audit work efficiently and effectively with high quality, in addition to the evaluation of internal control systems through audit procedures and to provide management letter including all observations and errors that we found during the audit and ways to address

Internal Audit

A lot of companies are in favor of hiring professional accounting firms to conduct their internal auditing . So, a whole qualified department was established to provide internal audit services to our clients that focuses on raising the efficiency and effectiveness of their performance and credibility of financial reports and make sure to follow the laws and regulations followed by the company. We have provided this service for many of our major clients.

Administrative and Financial Advisory

Establishing and developing financial and administrative systems based on organizes study that fits their activity of client activity and then propose the best appropriate systems for the client, also provide services for the development of the controls of the computer systems for clients based on a detailed study of the needs of the client and then providing solutions and ideas appropriate for the development of the client and his business, also offering assessment services for financial systems, administrative and addressing any deficiencies.

IFRS Convergence and Implementation

The Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants ( SOCPA ) have decided to apply international Financial Reporting Standards on the financial statements for the financial year January 1, 2017 for the publicly listed companies and from January 1, 2018 for other entities. This regulation will require these entities to put plans and policies for the convergence and then to apply them. Our Firm will offer its professional services to the entities to apply this convergence, by making sure of compliance with the regulator and to update the entity with all of the developments that happened, which is important for their business reporting and tax planning in accordance to what is applied world widely. Our team is strengthened with highly experienced professionals supported with our global partnership network to work closely with our clients to put them ahead of these developments and changes..

Companies’ Valuation

The assessments of companies are increasing in the developed business environment, which resulted from several reasons, including merging with other companies and changing the structure the family businesses especially entry and exit of partners. All of these processes require evaluations based on companies estimated retail price of the market price using evaluation methods which brings importance and value of the services provided by our experience team to choose the most appropriate evaluation method.

Feasibility Study

The supervision of the development of the feasibility studies for potential projects upon which decisions by the management can be made. It is worth to mention that the govern mental interest in small and medium entities in addition to the need for the facilities to finance options have increased the market of feasibility studies.

Due Diligence

The assessment of denials ignorance is the aspect of the evaluation of companies and has been described as a separate service because of its importance in the corporate merging and its inclusiveness of all aspects of company and not the financial aspect only.

The Preparation of Financial Systems

The company develops financial and administrative systems in accordance with the organizational structure of the companies with identifying accounting cycle (such as purchasing cycle for the creditors and the sales cycle and the receivables) and management system in addition to the work of identifying the entire functions and regulations governing companies, as well as the power of each administrative level under the regulatory system integrated.

Strategic Plans and Performance Evaluations

The company develops (long-term and short-term) strategic plans, to suit companies in line with the nature of its activities and achieve its desired objectives and pre-set by the board of directors, as well as assessing these plans through the stages of implementation and identify the causes of deviations and work rectifications, as they are evaluating the performance of employees and to clarify the methods of raising competence productivity.

Change the Corporate Entity

Changing the structure of companies has become a very common trend, especially the family businesses, that changes from a limited liability companies into a closed joint stock companies , this change requires financial, administrative and legal actions. Abdullah Bakodah and Adel Aboulkhair was the first company that pioneered in this area, which includes, the establishment of new companies as it is considered to be related to this activity.

Using The Accountant Experience in Judiciary

In this area, cooperation between the accounting firms and the judiciary to assist the judiciary in resolving many of the complex issues that require intervention of the chartered accountant to assist the judiciary in the statement of facts, and receivership under this kind of professional work, we have previously received the biggest issues in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for several years.

Zakat and Tax Consultancy

Zakat, tax services and submitting zakat deceleration form on behalf of our clients. This includes communications with Zakat and Income Tax Directorate as well as providing advice with regard to Zakat and tax in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations in this area

Value Added Tax (VAT)

VAT is multi point sales tax with set of tax paid on purchase. Currently there is no VAT in Saudi Arabia, however it is expected to be introduced in the near future, and our team started to prepare for this big change, and have gained knowledge about this tax in similar countries by taking the experience of our global network. Our office will be ready to offer this kind of service when its approved and applied.

Providing Financial Solutions

Providing financial advisory services in the area of financial management for small potential clients echo do not have the ability to use financial principals to improve the financial situation towards financiers and suppliers.

Corporate Governance

Provide a unique service that help companies to implement corporate governance and identify irregularities and work to provide advice for companies to address these violations and to work on the application of fully governance, as the government new corporate had enforced shareholding companies to declare, in the Board of Directors report all the items that their company did not abide and the reasons for non-compliance.

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We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow.To help our clients achieve their goals and overcome any difficulties they may face.


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We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow.To help our clients achieve their goals and overcome any difficulties they may face.

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